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The Studio

Tom's studio is located in The Shirt Factory in Glens Falls, NY. His space is filled with vibrant paintings, eclectic inspiration, and surrounded by historic architecture. The grand scale and bursting color of his paintings offer an exciting visual experience. "There is little, more satisfying than an early morning in my studio; listening to jazz and sipping a warm cup of coffee, while contemplating the direction of my next painting.

Thru My Eyes

Tom has been experimenting with new ideas all his life but it is his almost child like simplistic approach in seeing and experiencing new events, places and scenery that continues to inspire him to try to capture the emotion and excitement of the world around him in new and different creative ways. And while not every new artistic experiment becomes as successfully known and financially successful as his various equine paintings have, it is that never ending quest to try new ideas that keeps his work fresh and relevant. 

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